Standards of Competence

Standards of Competence (SoC) describe what registrants should know, understand and be able to do, with regards to their anthroposophic health or social care profession, at the time they apply to join the register.  SoC are the outcomes expected of pre-registration education, training and experience.


Profession-specific Standards of Competence

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Anthroposophic Health Professions

Anthroposophic Social Care Professions


What do our standards of competence mean for registrants?

When practitioners apply to register with us they are asked to provide evidence that through their education, training and experience they meet our standards of competence for the profession under which they wish to be registered.

When they apply to renew their registration, they will be asked to declare that they continue to meet the standards of competence relevant to their scope of practice.

Relevance to fitness to practise procedures

Standards of Competence along with the standards of professional conduct set out in our Codes of Practice help us to set out what we expect of registrants.

Where there are concerns about the fitness to practise of a registrant, the Standards of Competence and the relevant Code of Practice may be considered in deciding whether the registrant has fallen short of our standards and if so, what action we need to take.