Renewal of registration

To renew your registration at the end of each three-year cycle you will have to:

  • Complete a renewal of registration form

  • Fill in our CPD summary form

  • Pay your annual registration fee

Renew your registration now

Step 1: Download a renewal pack

Renewal of Registration Form
   Renewal of Registration Form.pdf
   Renewal of Registration Form.doc

CPD summary form
   CPD Summary Form.pdf
   CPD Summary Form.doc

Step 2: Read the renewal form & CPD summary form


Step 3: Fill out:

  • the Renewal of Registration Form
  • the CPD Summary Form

Note: You are required to have carried out 90 hours of CPD during your 3 year registration cycle of which 30 hours should be learning with others.


Step 4: Return both completed forms along with your annual registration fee to the Registrar


On receipt of your CPD summary form, renewal form and fee we will:

  • check that your CPD hours meet the CAHSC requirements
  • check that your renewal form is complete and that your professional declaration is satisfactory

If both forms are satisfactorily completed we will renew your registration for a further 3 year cycle and retain your name in the register for 1 year.  We will:

  • send you a receipt for the annual fee and a new registration certificate
  • update your entry with any new details which you have supplied

What happens if I do not submit an annual retention form?

If you do not submit an annual retention of registration form along with your annual registration fee before your annual registration expires, your registration will lapse and your name will be removed from the register.  You will need to apply for readmission to the register. There will be an additional fee for this.

Apply for readmission

If your registration has lapsed you can apply for readmission.

What if I do not wish to stay on the register?

If your circumstances have changed and you no longer wish to retain your registration with the CAHSC, please:

  • inform the Registrar
  • submit a Voluntary Removal Form

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